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Frankly Mr Shankly 
02:51pm 11/07/2011
  Check out The Smiths cover that we have played and filmed.

Sweet and Tender Hooligans: Morrissey's Unhappy Birthday Party (HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA) 
12:16pm 22/05/2010
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Of course, if you live in the Los Angeles Area or Hollywood, do come check this out! Happy Birthday Moz!
02:29pm 22/05/2010
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Happy Birthday Morrissey!!!! I celebrated at my favorite local Morrissey-supporting bar, by getting wasted.

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morrissey picspam. 
12:29am 13/12/2009

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08:17pm 30/04/2009
  Hey folks,

I've got 2 Morrissey tickets for the Glasgow Barrowlands show on Friday 8th of May for sale.

Sadly I can't make it :(

If you're interested please send me an email to: kutschi86@gmail.com



and here's a picture for you:

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ridiculous question...but... 
11:42pm 24/03/2009
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....I think some of you might be sympathetic to my predicament.

I am going to my first Mozzer show next week and...WHAT DO I WEAR???! It wouldn't be as big of a deal at any other show but...Moz is pretty sartorially-minded himself and I don't want to be appear out of place! If it helps, I am a 22 year old woman and I "haven't got a stitch to wear", more or less, though that can be remedied.

(Oh yeah, and I'm going with my boyfriend and my brother, both of whom are also concerned about this issue. Any clothing advice, male Moz fans?)

Thank you!! :P

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Memories will never fade 
01:26pm 19/03/2009
  Im pretty sure everyone in this group is excited about the tour. And, I am too. I had to share a quick story about this years tour...well, its not really a story, but more of a happening, I guess.

I live in Macon, Georgia, USA. In other words, Boring Town, USA. Im originally from Florida. I can say Ive been a Moz fan since 1994 or so. Ive seen Moz, over 5 or 6 times since then, and Ive loved every show.

I was really bummed out this year because I couldnt make any of the shows close to me, due to my job and responsibilities. The closest to me was in Atlanta, and the Florida shows were during the week.

It so happens that my friend in New York had an extra ticket for the show up there next week. It also happens to be the weekend that I am travelling to Toronto, Canada for my Grandmothers 100th Birthday. So, with a little effort, I changed my travel plans to stay in NYC for one night, go to the show, and fly off the next day.

On top of that, the Atlanta and Florida shows were all cancelled...I couldnt believe it..could this be luck?

Anyways, so I am really excited about this, so I started to look at old post show comments on the morrissey solo site, and got extremly nostalgic as I read some of the coments from the shows I went to. I read about the BEST Morrissey show that I ever saw in 1997, Gainesville Florida. Just reading the comments was hilarious. Here is one of them:

Summary by Brian Newby

Morrissey played a very crisp set to the half-filled Center for the Performing Arts. The entire center had reserved seating, and the floor appeared to be sold out. The balconies, however, were sparsely filled. My seats were in the top balcony, but it quickly became evident during the Smoking Popes set that I would have to move because the seats didn’t allow for the intimacy you would expect from a small facility.

As a result, the crowd upstairs never got engaged. Downstairs, Morrissey entered after the rise of fog and the drum introduction from "The Operation." He opened with a strong performance of "Maladjusted." After the song, he took notice of the railing separating the floor seats and the stage by about 20 feet. "I think this looks ridiculous," he said as an invitation for us to jump the rail and move closer. He then broke into "Alma Matters," shaking hands and popping fists with many of us against the stage.

A handful — 11, I think — of fans jumped to stage, touched Morrissey, and then cooperatively left with security off the stage. I was the last to jump — right before the encore on the right side — but quickly leaped back onto the floor when I realized that Morrissey was coming back in from the left. Security, overall, was protective, but friendly and not overbearing, and the crowd was particularly civil.

Morrissey’s band played intensely, stayed put for the most part, and seemed to have trouble keeping up with Morrissey’s energy level. He was on, and sang very powerfully, especially during "Spring-Heeled Jim". As in other shows, he changed the lyrics in "Paint a Vulgar Picture" to "MTV, MTV, MTV...kiss their ass!," and later replaced the word you with I when singing, "I just haven’t earned it yet, baby." He was decked in a black shirt and black pants or jeans and he remained clothed (unusual, it seems, based on recent reports from other cities).

He came on stage around 9:20 and sang for about an hour. The Smoking Popes played for about 40 minutes and sounded good as well, but frankly, few cared. Many waited for Morrissey with flowers and one person attended as a dead ringer for Morrissey from the "Strangeways" era. I bought a T-shirt, grey with green "Morrissey" and "Swimming" printed for $22 -- the person selling them said this shirt started as a crew shirt and they began selling it. Other shirts displaying photos on them and city listings were also available, and they also sold the new Smoking Popes CD.

Personally, I have waited 13 years to see Morrissey after many attempts to see him. I was in Orlando on business and therefore missed his show in Kansas City (my hometown) and drove from Orlando to see him in Gainesville. My wife (much less of a Morrissey fan) attended with me, encouraged me to move to the stage, and even slapped skin with Mozzer herself (twice). It was a great night and I am envious of those of you who will see him perform in the weeks ahead.

That show was great! The set list:
Maladjusted / Alma Matters / Billy Budd / The Boy Racer / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself / Ambitious Outsiders / Speedway / Reader Meet Author / Roy's Keen / Spring-Heeled Jim / Paint A Vulgar Picture / Now My Heart Is Full / Satan Rejected My Soul // Shoplifters Of The World Unite

Anyways, I hope everyone gets to see him this year, and if you have already, I hope you had a great time!
Morrissey release party this Friday March 13th @ STEAM! Denver, CO 
12:34am 11/03/2009



Our two big pieces of news: We are now 18+!!! And we now have free cover till 10 for 21+!!! Spread the word!!

Sorry for the delay, but this time we will indeed be hosting the release party for MORRISSEY's latest CD "Years of Refusal"! Tons of free promotional materials, chances to win the new album, and of course tracks played throughout the night!!
title or description
Promotion courtesy of FILTER Magazine
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09:45am 08/03/2009
  Daniel Craig - [x10]
Morrissey - [x18]
Mock The Week (Text Only) - [x6]

c&c is lovely. (:
he stole all hearts away...

Sat Jan 31 - PANIC with The Smiths/Morrissey Fest (Win tix to see Morrissey in Buffalo) 
05:02pm 22/01/2009

Please Join these Facebook groups:
DARKRAVE - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2265471444
EBM PARTY & Synthpop Saturday - http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=7847109868&ref=ts
Fetish Masquerade - http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=2241661803&ref=ts
PANIC - the ultimate retro party - http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=8256055823&ref=ts
PANIC delivers the best retro on the last Saturday of every month. This month we are excited to do the annual Smiths/Morrissey Fest in the sideroom. Please tell all your retro loving friends about PANIC and invite them to party with us by using the Facebook invite system.

"There's a club, if you'd like to go, You could meet somebody who really loves you"

WIN 2 TICKETS TO SEE MORRISSEY IN CONCERT at 'University at Buffalo'!!

Sat Jan 31, 2009
PANIC - the ultimate retro party
Basement - 178 Bathurst St - Toronto
doors @ 10pm 19+ event
$5 before 11pm $10 after
Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/group.php?gid=8256055823&ref=ts
Facebook invite: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/event.php?eid=49782871646&ref=ts

mainroom: DJ Lazarus playing the coolest retro
frontroom: The Smiths/Morrissey Fest 2009

Next PANIC will Feb 28, 2009 with The Cure/Siouxsie Fest 2009

PLAYLIST and future events under cutCollapse )
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Years of Refusal! 
03:00pm 24/10/2008
mood: cranky

I'm desperatley trying to find ANY songs off of Moz's new album "Years of Refusal" to be released February of next year.
ANYTHING would be extremeley appreciated.  Anything at all!

- With love and much thanks.
Years Of Refusal 
11:05pm 10/07/2008
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I don't suppose any of you lads have seen Moz's new album, "Years Of Refusal", leaked anywhere? 
This Friday - The Sons & Heirs - Tribute to The Smiths and Morrissey - LIVE! 
01:31pm 24/06/2008

Friday, June 27th

title or description

The Sons & Heirs Website

RSVP to the Event Here

11:29pm 05/06/2008
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 Hi am new to this site.  Just wanted to say greetings to all you moz lovers out there.  Hope ou are all enjoying all you need is me as much as i am.  Up the mozfather !
07:54am 02/05/2008
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♪♪♪ No it's just more lock jawed pop stars
Thicker than pig shit, Nothing to convey
They're so scared to show intelligence
It might smear their lovely career ♪♪♪

enough said Moz!

im new here by the way.


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08:32pm 01/05/2008
mood: excited

anyone know if "My Dearest Love" has been leaked yet?
Or for that matter, ANY new Moz songs at all? (Besides 'All You Need Is Me' of course) 

08:35pm 16/04/2008
  I've just started a general indie music discussion community, indie_lust
please join or at least check it out.




Mods - if you want me to delete this just let me know.
Sat Jan 26 - PANIC - Retro party with The Smitsh/Morrissey Fest - Toronto 
11:08am 24/01/2008

Join hundreds of retro lovers on Saturday Jan 26 for Toronto's best retro party. The backroom this month will be the annual The Smiths/Morrissey Fest. This may be the last PANIC event at Funhaus so come out and show your support.

Saturday January 26, 2008
PANIC - the ultimate retro party
Funhaus - 526 Queen St West - Toronto
10pm-4am 19+ event
FREE before 11pm $5 after

Mainroom: DJ Lazarus (retro 80's & 90's, classic alternatives, new wave, manchester, and more)
Backroom: MOZFEST 2008 - The Music of The Smiths & Morrissey
Jan 26 - PANIC - the ultimate retro party - backroom: The Smiths & Morrissey Fest 2008
Feb 2 - DARKRAVE v.96 *ALL AGES*
Feb 16 - Fetish Masquerade - Theme: Mardi Gras
Feb 23 - PANIC - the ultimate retro party
March 1 - DARKRAVE v.97 @ ???
March 8 - EBM Party @ ??? *Becomes a new monthly event on the 2nd Saturday*
March 15 - Fetish Masquerade @ ???
March 29 - PANIC - the ultimate retro party @ ???
April 5 - DARKRAVE v.98 @ ???
All You Need is Me 
10:17pm 09/12/2007
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Does anyone have Morrissey's latest song titled "All You Need is Me"?
It's such a great song and I can't find it anywhere.
Morrissey played it recently on Last Call with Carson Daly. 
Much love!
Your going to miss me when i'm gone... 
12:10am 09/12/2007
mood: drunk
Did anyone catch the Carson Daily episode last night with Morrissey? 
He played a new song I hadn't heard yet.
Does anyone have it?  It was really good. 
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