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Morrissey release party this Friday March 13th @ STEAM! Denver, CO



Our two big pieces of news: We are now 18+!!! And we now have free cover till 10 for 21+!!! Spread the word!!

Sorry for the delay, but this time we will indeed be hosting the release party for MORRISSEY's latest CD "Years of Refusal"! Tons of free promotional materials, chances to win the new album, and of course tracks played throughout the night!!
title or description
Promotion courtesy of FILTER Magazine

And a huge tattoo giveaway!!! For every Kamikazee shot you buy, you get an entry into the drawing. We will be giving away four $100 gift certificates to INDELIBLE INK!!!

We're continuing with the most fun drink special ever from 9-10: HEADS or TAILS. Place you order... whatever & however many ever drinks you want, & when the bartender rings you up, you call HEADS or TAILS and they flip a quarter. If it's whatever you call, your entire round is FREE! If bartender wins, you just pay whatever you would have owed... Hell yeah!

If you haven't checked out STEAM, now is the time to see it! This club is EXTREME in every way! The sound system compares to no other and the vibe is like that of the big LA and New York clubs! Read even more HERE.
Beautiful club, beautiful staff, and beautiful people!!

***STEAM is a regular event now that will run every OTHER Friday:
Mar 13, Mar 27, Apr 10, Apr 24, etc....*****

Drink Specials:
$3.00 well drinks all night!
$4.00 Three Olives vodka
Huge dancefloor
State-of-the-art lighting & sound
Luxurious seating
Plenty of parking (use lot across street)
LightRail across the street

Darkdance & Electronica
at Pure Nightclub
2549 Welton
Denver CO
18 and up!
From 9-10pm:
18-20yr olds: $2.00
21+: Free!
From 10:00-close
18-20yr olds: $7.00
21+: $5.00

Visit our STEAM communities for updates & photos:
STEAM LiveJournal
And our sister night DISINTEGRATION:
Disintegration MySpace
Disintegration LiveJournal
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